Delivering Construction Management Expertise

As Construction Manager, our role is one of responsibility, accountability, cooperation and collaboration. BE&K Building Group has a deep understanding of the Construction Management delivery system with proven expertise in both Construction Management at Risk (CM at Risk) and Construction Management Agency (CM Agency).

In recent years, a significant percentage of our projects have been delivered through the CM at Risk approach. This project delivery method allows the Owner to select the Construction Manager (CM) based on qualifications, experience, team, general conditions and fee. The Construction Manager then becomes an early member of a collaborative project team centralizing the responsibility for construction under a single contract. CM at Risk generates a Guaranteed Maximum Price, providing Owners with the security of knowing the total agreed upon construction cost will not be exceeded. Incentives can also be established to share project savings if the final project cost is lower than the guaranteed price.

Under a CM Agency arrangement, the cost of work is procured on a cost-plus basis. The Construction Manager’s fee for services is typically established as a percentage of the cost of work.

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